Rabbi Avi Frank - Camp Director

Energy. Enthusiasm. Good Humor. These words are synonymous with Rabbi Avi Frank, a veteran mechanech with over 30 years of experience educating, inspiring and shaping the children of today into exceptional adults of tomorrow.  Rabbi Frank leads a busy life as a Rebbe / Assistant Principal at Yeshiva Spring Valley (Monsey, NY), and he has served as Head Staff / Director of various camps during the summer.  In his rare spare time Rabbi Frank coordinates a popular Avos Ubanim, volunteers for Hatzolah, Tomchei Shabbos, Chaveirim, and serves as a Board Member for Yedei Chesed.  “The Best Storyteller in Monsey” is a title that Rabbi Frank proudly maintains at Pirchei groups and special city events and while serving as Children’s Program Director for all Gateways Yom Tovim retreats.  Still, there is always time in Avi Frank’s day to cheerfully brighten the day and help any person who crosses his path.




Mrs. Tziri Frank – Assistant Director


Creative. Hard working. Dynamic. These words are synonymous with Mrs. Tziri Frank, who has over 20 years of camp programing experience.  She is also the program director for MISHMERES, a high school based program for the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, and is well known for a long and distinguished career motivating, inspiring and educating children of all ages.  She is known world-wide for using her creative talents on TIC Talk, the Teen Inspiration and Chizuk hotline for high school girls, FRANKLY SPEAKING, a well-known humor column published in several publications, and NIGHT OF THE STARS, original song, dance and drama productions starring the Day Hab participants of Chesed 24/7.  No project is too daunting, too difficult, or too impossible for Tziri Frank to tackle and succeed at with her inimitable flair.




This dynamic duo brings smiles to all who cross their path in camp, and wherever they are.  They live with the motto that true Chesed is to do what the other person would want, regardless of your personal needs, and they follow up with their professional and careful dedication to improving and enhancing the lives of children in educational, recreational, and camp settings. It is no wonder that this creative, energetic, and caring couple leave indelible impressions on all those who come in contact with them.

Rabbi Meir Kranczer - Head Counselor
Rabbi Meir Kranczer has previously served on the head-staff of Camp Agudah Midwest, and has been the head counselor of Camp Nageela Midwest for 14 years, since its inception  The Kranczers have also served as directors of MeadowBrook Estates day camp in South Haven, Michigan, and help run the 500+ annual Midwest Siyum Mishnayos.
Rabbi Meir Kranzcer's name is well known throughout the esteemed circles of chinuch and Torah camping. Reb Meir has the unique ability to make every Talmid and camper feel cared for and special. His signature calm, warm and loving demeanor coupled with his creative, welcoming ,contagious and positive personality makes him the true leader by example type of Head Counselor par excellence be”H.
R’ Meir is also an esteemed panelist on the Yated Ne’eman’s chinuch roundtable addressing today’s issues and chinuch pursuits with a clarity and wit.
R’ Meir is married to Morah Esti (nee Hirth)  a celebrated preschool teacher in Yeshiva Bais Yehudah of Detroit. Their home is a bastion of chessed and their family maintains a very close relationship with many Gedolim especially the Detroit Roshei haYeshiva Harav Yehuda and Harav Meyer Simcha Bakst.
Rabbi Yechiel Chabura - Assistant Head Counselor


Currently a beloved Rebbi at Yeshiva Bais Yehuda in Detroit, Rabbi Chaboura brings simcha, warmth, and an excitement for Torah and Yiddishkiet to his classroom along with a personal relationship with each Talmid. He is Captivating and Geshmack. Reb Yechiel  has a passion and drive to make each campers experience fulfilling and memorable all while growing as a Ben Torah. He served as the 8th and 9th grade madrich in Camp Agudah Midwest and was the head of the 5th and 6th grade division in Camp Chevra, one of the largest camps in Lakewood. Rabbi Chaboura understands the importance and potential for growth the summer experience can be. Exciting night activities, late night kumzitz, or just going for a shmooze are just one of the many ways  Rabbi Chaboura builds confidence and instills achdus which lasts long past the summer months. He is looking forward to bringing it all and much more  to the San Bernadino mountains this summer! 

R’ Eliezer “Lazer” Levin - Division Head

R’ Eliezer “Lazer” Levin lives in Yerushalayim, where he spends his days learning, teaching, and growing closer to many of the future rebbeim of Klal Yisroel, including his chavrusa. Besides for his natural warmth and  kumzits leading abilities, Lazer draws on his rich family history and multi faceted talents towards his camp approach. He credits his father R’ Mordy Levin of Camp Agudah Midwest fame for instilling in him a love of camp and chinuch in general, and is already creating excitement with his appointment as division head for this summer! 

Rabbi Nochum Scheinberg – Learning Rebbe

Toras Emes of LA – L.A.,CA

Rabbi Yossi Modes  – Rosh Mesivta Program

A thunderous "MOIRADIK!!" "GIVALDIG!!" "GESHMAK!!!" These are the words that the Talmidim of R' Yossi have become accustomed to hear and feel as the learn with their beloved Rebbe for the last seven years in Yeshivos Derech Hatorah and Telshe in Cleveland. Not a newcomer to Mesivta programs while R' Yossi learned in Kollel in Los Angeles for seven year, he served as Menahel and gave Shiur for a number of years in Camp Harei Yam which operated in California. This acclaimed program brought the east coast to the west coast as Roshei Hayeshiva endorsed the program and top notch Geshmaka Bachurim flocked to the west to have the best summer of their lives. We look forward to Agudah West Mesivta being a place where Festa Bachurim have the summer of their dreams.

Mrs. Elana Schechter- Head counselor

Mrs. Elana Schechter brings years of camp experiences with her to Camp Agudah West. A long time camper and staff member herself, as well as founder and director of a popular teen camp in Passaic, NJ, Mrs. Schechter understands the unique opportunities that a well-designed and engaging camp experience offers today’s girls. She has been involved in teaching and coordinating educational and extracurricular activities in schools, non-profits, and camps for many years, all the while focused on bringing out the best in every student and camper.


Mrs. Shoshi Tropp - Program Director

Mrs. Shoshi Tropp has spent most of her life in camp, from her days as a staff kid in Camp Munk, to her years as a camper and staff member in various sleepaway camps, to--most recently--directing a teen camp with her former co-head counselor at AMW, Mrs. Elana Schechter. For the past ten years, Mrs. Tropp has brought her passion, creativity, and talents to the field of chinuch, teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Baltimore and Cincinnati. Currently, the eighth grade Morah in the Cincinnati Hebrew Day School (CHDS), Mrs. Tropp also heads the programming department for the elementary and middle school divisions. 

Mrs. Esther Segal – Assistant Program Director  

A native Angeleno, Mrs. Esther Segal has over fifteen years of experience in Jewish education. Esther has a wide range of educational experiences: serving as a teacher, student adviser, and program director in Los Angeles, New York, and Edmonton. Her skillset includes mentoring students, as well as running school-wide programs and extracurricular activities. She has also played the role of Youth Director in Canada. Esther has the dual talents of being able to deliver inspiration to her students in the classroom and creating the fun and ruach that takes place outside the classroom. Her genuine love for Torah and her caring personality help facilitate a special bond between her and her students. She brings energy, creativity, and devotion to all that she does and is particularly passionate about connecting to people through sharing the beauty of Yiddishkeit with them. Esther is really looking forward to bringing her talents to Agudah West, to help make the most memorable summer ever!!

Mrs. Chaya Ullman - Shiur Director

Toras Emes of LA  - LA, California

Mrs. Feige Gruman - Camp Mother

Toras Emes of LA  - LA, California


Mrs. Rochel Scheinberg - Camp Nurse 

Los Angeles California

Rabbinical Advisory Board


Rabbi Yaakov Krause - Principal, Toras Emes of LA / Rav of Young Israel of Hancock Park- Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Avraham Stulberger - Dean, Valley Torah High School / Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Yitzchok Summers - Rav, Anshei Emes, Los Angeles CA

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan  -  Ahavas Torah,  Scottsdale, AZ